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How Are Hidden Moisture Pockets Resolved After Flooding in Glen Head Homes?

7/24/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo Flood damage in your home means you need the help of SERVPRO. We use the latest equipment and technology for all disasters. We will help!

Migrating moisture can  Cause Substantial Structural Issues for Glen Head Properties. 

After flooding, your home can be devastated. While the focus is often on the damage you can see, all the water must get addressed. We have powerful tools and strategies to overcome trapped floodwater in area homes.

Identifying the Presence of Trapped Moisture 

With several tools and devices in our inventory to identify trapped water pockets in porous construction elements, flood damage in Glen Head homes can be more easily managed. While superficial damage and surface water concerns are quickly identified, these advanced devices are necessary for tracking moisture movement.

Drying Damp Pockets in Wall Systems 

Wall systems can be a point where water can collect and become trapped. Migrating moisture seeking a balance between damp and dry areas of the property can use porous materials and open space in wall systems to achieve this equilibrium. As a result, moist pockets are formed that can be identified with moisture meters and thermal imagery cameras. We have several methods for addressing these trapped threats, including:

  • Positive/Negative Pressure Systems
  • Flood Cuts and Centrifugal Air Movers
  • Wall Demolition and Axial Air Movers/Extraction

Water can easily become trapped in wall systems and structural cavities without the notice of the homeowner. Our SERVPRO of Glen Cove / Jericho can help get these areas dried and restored to avoid damaging secondary effects like mold growth and degradation. Give us a call today at (516) 671-1919.

Commercial Mold Damage Restoration In Glen Cove

7/9/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment and technician Call SERVPRO for mold remediation services day or night at (516) 671-1919.

Mold Damage Restoration Can Require Soda Blasting Procedures

If moisture ever stays inside your Glen Cove breakfast diner for too long, fungi can develop on any of your building materials or contents that contain organic materials. If organic substances such as paper or wood stay wet for longer than 48 hours, mold damage could occur inside your place of business. A fungus only needs excessive moisture, an organic food source, the correct temperatures, and time to form and grow.

Anytime moisture gets left in an area inside your diner, naturally present spores could activate and cause your building to become contaminated. During mold damage remediation in Glen Cove, our SERVPRO technicians can utilize various specialized techniques and equipment to remove all contamination. Once a fungus forms, it starts growing in all directions, and it starts to release reproductive spores into the air. The spores can then float around the interior of your breakfast diner and contaminate areas that were previously unaffected by moisture or mold.

Once fungi have developed and are visible, our SERVPRO team's first step is to contain the affected room or rooms so that spores cannot spread across your structure. Then, we remove the fungal contamination from any of the affected surfaces inside your business's building. Next, we can use chemicals to help eliminate spores so that mold cannot form anywhere else.

Soda Blasting for Mold Damage Remediation

In some situations, the fungus could have grown deep into an item, and scrubbing and scraping methods do not prove effective. In these more severe cases, we can implement soda blasting techniques. Soda blasting removes contamination by spraying the affected region with pressurized baking soda. The process is somewhat abrasive, but it can be proven to be more gentle than sanding or other more abrasive removal methods. The baking soda also has properties that help neutralize any foul odors present within the contaminated items.

When running a diner, we know that cleanliness is one of the keys to being successful. For professional assistance with restoration services at your place of business, call SERVPRO of Glen Cove / Jericho at (516) 671-1919 24/7. We can help you restore your company's building to the way it was before, "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO’s Fire Damage Remediation Services in Jericho

6/24/2021 (Permalink)

Fire truck Call SERVPRO immediately after the fire truck drives away to ensure a speedy and efficient remediation process.

Fire Damage Needs Professional Cleanup

Removing the residues left by a fire in your Jericho home is not a typical cleaning job. The skills needed are specialized, and the risks of managing the cleanup on your own are many. The incomplete remediation of a household fire can allow continuing deterioration of building materials and contents. Because the fire’s smoke and soot residues are toxic, returning to live in a home that still contains fire-related soiling also may cause health effects for you and your family.

Avoid the temptation to try to resolve the fire damage in your Jericho home as a DIY project. Our managers and technicians complete advanced courses from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification to prepare for projects like your household fire. Smoke and soot are the byproducts of fire, incompletely combusted building materials and contents, and they are corrosive to surfaces and significantly diminish air quality inside your home.

Protective Equipment Used During Fire Damage Restoration

SERVPRO technicians wear personal protective equipment (PPE) when responding to a fire scene. PPE shields against the toxicity of the fire residues and limits the spread of airborne and settled debris into unaffected spaces in your home. We often employ negative pressure air scrubbers to filter the air in work areas, containing the damage to smaller, more controllable sectors and venting contaminated air to the outdoors.

Soot Damage Cleanup

Our crews are familiar with variations in soot types -- generally dry, wet, and protein-based. SERVPRO vehicles carry different cleaners and tools that match up best with each kind of soiling. We also align cleaning methods that loosen and contain different soots for disposal. Failure to understand the characteristics of soot can worsen the situation. Smearing and spreading the toxic residues results when an untrained individual tries to use conventional cleaning approaches on fire damage.

Clearing the air of small, odor-bearing particles is nearly impossible without the right equipment and training. SERVPRO deodorization experts use a tiered system of deep cleaning, sealing, and chemical reactions to remove persistent fire-related odors. We have thermal fogging, ozone, and hydroxyl generating equipment available to eliminate, not cover up lingering odors.

SERVPRO of Glen Cove / Jericho is ready to help homeowners clean up fire residues and odors professionally and permanently. Call (516) 671-1919 as soon as officials allow for fast, expert assistance.

Can Water Mitigation Efforts Save Cabinets and Other Assemblies In My Glen Cove Home?

6/16/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment Our skilled technicians have the expertise and state of the art equipment to get your property back in order after a water incident.

Specialized Water Removal Services from SERVPRO Eliminate Any Stubborn Moisture Issues in Glen Cove

Water intrusion from burst pipes or even a leaking roof from storms can affect many assemblies, including the ceiling, walls, stairs, cabinets, and floors because the gravitational pull spreads water far beyond the entry point. The confinement of the assemblies adds to the challenge when you want to dry or remove wet materials.

The presence of moisture in confined areas can trigger many issues that diminish the functionality, comfort, or visual appeal of your house. With the right water mitigation efforts, your Glen Cove home can regain its preloss state. SERVPRO uses specialized cavity drying equipment simplifying moisture management in voids. We also use advanced moisture removal techniques such as setting up drying chambers.

Specialized Drying Efforts May be Necessary in Case of:

  • Emergency Services Water Damage
  • Burst Pipes
  • Ceiling Leaks

Water intrusion into enclosed areas presents unique challenges since access is limited when extracting or performing regular drying procedures. Finding a way to remove water with minimal demolition makes it ideal. With specialized cavity drying equipment, our SERVPRO technicians only need to drill small holes at the wall base to release water and circulate warm, dry air into the cavities quickening drying. With these systems, it is possible to manage the excess moisture absorbed by semi-porous materials such as those used to make cabinets, thus saving them from permanent damage.

SERVPRO of Glen Cove / Jericho spares no effort when delivering water mitigation services. Call us at (516) 671-1919 for assistance that resolves any issue, “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO Provides the Emergency READY Profile Plan to Keep Glen Cove Businesses in Business

6/1/2021 (Permalink)

a water damaged wall Make sure to register with our ERP app. That way you’ll be ready if an emergency affects your business.

Businesses Need a Partner When Water Damage Strikes in Glen Cove

It is a rare commercial endeavor that can survive more than a brief closure because of water damage in Glen Cove. Whether you provide fine dining, groceries, overnight accommodations, office space, or any of a host of other goods or services for residents or visitors to the North Shore of Long Island, the devastation from water damage can lead to the closure of your business. Our team can help avoid this extreme outcome.

Water damage in Glen Cove can trace its cause to plumbing failures, appliance malfunctions, or external factors like storms or sewer backups. Regardless of how the damage occurs, business owners must seek professional assistance to remediate the consequences wholly and rapidly. We offer to work with you even before a crisis happens.

Emergency READY Profile Available from SERVPRO

SERVPRO’s Emergency READY Profile (ERP) permits our experts to collaborate with you and your management team to prepare for a water disaster before it even happens. We send an experienced project manager to tour your business, sketching out a blueprint of your physical plant and gaining invaluable information about your operations. We evaluate your commercial space, looking for strengths and vulnerabilities in the event of a water or other disaster.

Expect us to offer practical suggestions on protecting documents, records, inventory, equipment, and more for the ravages of flooding or other water damage. SERVPRO can help you revisit storage strategies, systems, and other vital parts of your business to minimize the harm water damage can do. We also brainstorm with you after you provide us with data from the use of our mobile app.

Our app guides you to share with SERVPRO crucial information that helps us devise a digital plan to reverse the effects of a water disaster quickly. Let us know contact information about the vendors and contractors who helped build your business so we can reach out to them to return systems and equipment to optimum operations during restoration. Designate trusted employees or other individuals to act on your behalf if you are unavailable to make decisions during a crisis.

SERVPRO of Glen Cove / Jericho is eager to work with you to minimize disruption to your business in the event of water damage. Call (516) 671-1919 to schedule a walkthrough by our trusted management to begin work on your ERP.

SERVPRO Provides Emergency Services to Prevent Further Flood Damage in Glen Cove

5/28/2021 (Permalink)

a sign that says high water and is partially submerged under flood water Sometimes flooding comes without any warning. Contact SERVPRO 24/7 365 days a year for water removal and remediation efforts.

Emergency Repairs to Prevent Further Flooding in Glen Cove Homes

Severe weather can strike with little warning, and with strong winds or torrential rainfall, the roof or exterior structure of your Glen Cove property could be at risk. When vulnerabilities or damages do occur during a storm, the likelihood of substantial damages like flooding becomes challenging to avoid. To prevent the situation from continually getting worse until the storm subsides, you should reach out to our professionals for our fast, 24/7 storm damage response team to help.

With storms that can lead to flood damage in your Glen Cove home, containment and stopping the spread of these effects throughout the property must become a priority once penetration points exist for floodwater. Our SERVPRO licensed contractors can address these concerns quickly and sufficiently by arriving at your property 24/7 with the expertise and the skills to board up or tarp over vulnerabilities in the construction of your house.

Boarding services are often necessary when windows, skylights, and other paned areas of your property have become damaged or entirely broken by debris or substantial storm activity. These points can often be direct exposure areas for rainfall and runoff to enter the property directly. Our SERVPRO contractors can utilize our immediate response to cover these vulnerabilities to prevent further penetration.

Tarping is often the ideal approach to temporarily address holes or damage to the roof of your home. While ultimately we can handle the reconstruction and the complete repair of these damaged areas of the property, the prevention of further flood water flow and runoff coming into the attic or ceiling area of the house is critical to begin vital mitigation work inside of the house. Once the storm has passed and the mitigation work nears completion inside of your home, we can work on a full-scale repair or renovation of the damaged portions of the property.

Many concerns exist amid a torrential storm that can damage your property, but our SERVPRO of Glen Cove / Jericho rapid response team can arrive quickly to help. We have both licensed contractors and IICRC-Certified recovery technicians to make flooding “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call anytime at (516) 671-1919.

Why Should Homeowners Involve Professional Restorers for Water Mitigation in Glen Cove Homes?

5/23/2021 (Permalink)

water covering tile floor in a kitchen Is excess water preventing you from using your home? Call SERVPRO for effective water removal efforts right away.

It is Essential to Involve Reliable Restorers Like SERVPRO for Effective Water Mitigation in Your Glen Cove Home.

Even a minor roof leak can cause significant damage to your residence. Water can travel in hard-to-reach areas within a short period. Therefore, mopping floodwater and waiting for the surface to dry is not the best solution. Involve a reliable restorer like SERVPRO for a hassle-free mitigation process.

Drywalls, ceilings, among other surfaces, are made of porous materials. Drying these surfaces may require innovative technology to minimize the spread of flood damage in your Glen Cove residence. Therefore, it is essential to involve a renowned restoration company like SERVPRO immediately after the unfortunate event.

Several problems may occur when water gets into your business, including:

  • Water spots on fabric
  • Wood swelling and wrapping
  • Corrosion on metallic surfaces

How does SERVPRO reinstate dry porous materials?

Our technicians have decades of experience and groundbreaking equipment and tools. Since porous materials can hold water for a prolonged period, our restorers can use indirect-fired furnaces, which use heat exchangers to raise the temperatures in the affected building. That speeds up the rate of evaporation on porous surfaces and cavities, leading to drying.

When flood damage occurs in your Glen Cove home, contact SERVPRO of Glen Cove / Jericho for an excellent restoration “Like it never happened.” Call us today at (516) 671-1919.

Can SERVPRO help with Fire Cleanup and Smoke Remediation in Glen Cove

5/3/2021 (Permalink)

Smoke damaged wall. Visible smoke damage around where pictures used to be hung Smoke damage is difficult to clean. Don't DIY! Call SERVPRO!

Need House Fire Cleanup in Glen Cove – Call SERVPRO

Homeowners in Glen Cove who have tried cleaning up after a small fire in their homes can sometimes make the situation worse. For example, grease fires on the kitchen stove produce an oily residue that can smear when owners attempt to clean items while using the wrong cleaning agents. Odors from the residue are further embedded in porous materials making it more challenging to clean and deodorize.

Why not leave the fire cleanup to the experts at SERVPRO in Glen Cove? Our first step after every fire is to make sure that the house and the occupants are safe. We inspect the fire damage and smoke damage, the distribution of smoke throughout the home, and whether the residues are oily in nature or light and fluffy.

We also assess the surfaces that need to be treated. Are they hard and nonporous, porous, or include fabrics? Each one must be treated differently based on the surface type and the smoke residues. Treatment may include:

  • Mild Agitation using mechanical action.
  • Medium Agitation using dusting cloths and cleaning towels.
  • Heavy Agitation using abrasive materials.
  • Absorption on delicate materials using absorbent powders and cleaning agents.

Call SERVPRO of Glen Cove / Jericho for fire cleanup services in Glen Cove and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (516) 671-1919.

Does SERVPRO Offer Water Mitigation to Customers in Glen Cove

4/26/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment  being used in water damaged room; flood cuts seen along walls Water damage mitigation sometimes require removing damaged drywall. But don't worry. SERVPRO makes it "Like it never even happened."

How Does Secondary Water Damage Mitigation Prevent Further Damage in Glen Cove Homes?

Whenever there is a water leak in your Glen Cove home, the water and moisture can quickly spread from the source throughout your house. Primary water damage to flooring materials includes delamination of carpet backing, swelling or buckling of hardwood floors, and metal surfaces begin to rust. If the moisture and water are not removed quickly, it can lead to secondary damage.

SERVPRO understands that you can avoid a great deal of primary and secondary damage with proper water mitigation action in your Glen Cove home. We respond within 4 hours of your call, and we are available 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Even if the water does not touch some surfaces, high humidity levels can cause secondary damage. For example:

  • Ceiling tiles can moisten and crumble.
  • Wallpaper softens and falls.
  • Mold and mildew can begin growing in warm and damp locations.

Our fast response water mitigation approach aims at preventing as much secondary water damage as possible by removing all liquid water and drying the contents and flooring materials as soon as possible.

Call SERVPRO of Glen Cove / Jericho for water mitigation services in Glen Cove and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (516) 671-1919.

SERVPRO Provides Mold Removal Services to Commercial Customers in Glen Head

4/19/2021 (Permalink)

mold on ceiling SERVPRO knows mold and mold remediation and is ready to help!

Can SERVPRO Provide Mold Removal and Decontamination of Commercial Buildings in Glen Head?

The hamlet of Glen Head is part of the Town of Oyster Bay on Long Island, New York. Approximately 5000 people are living in the hamlet. There are 36 towns or hamlets that are part of Oyster Bay, and 6 of them have shores on the Oyster Bay Harbor. English and Dutch settlers came to the area around 1640. Glen Head and the surrounding towns and hamlets have grown and prospered over the years. Today there are many attractions for residents and visitors to the area to enjoy. A few are listed as follows:

  • Rottkamp Brothers Farm
  • Rocco’s Bakery
  • North Shore Farms
  • Young’s Farm Heirloom Tavern
  • Holocaust Memorial & Tolerance Center of Nassau County
  • Planting Fields Arboretum State Historic Park
  • Sagamore Hill National Historic Site
  • Prybil Beach
  • Old Westbury Gardens
  • Sands Point Preserve
  • Glen Cove Cruises
  • Caumsett State Park
  • Glen Cove Salt Cave
  • Morgan Memorial Park
  • Nassau County Museum of Art
  • Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Park
  • Garvies Point Museum and Preserve
  • Manor Park

Rottkamp Brothers Farm

They grow a wide variety of leafy greens, a variety of root crops such as horseradish and black radish, in addition to summer vegetables that include melons, tomatoes, and sweetcorn. Produce available at the farm varies with the seasons, so check often for available products. The farm has been operating since the 1970s in both New York State and New Jersey.

St. Rocco’s Bakery

Serving mainly Italian pastries in nearby Glen Cove, they also have bread, artisanal cakes and sandwiches, and coffee. During the current health situation, they offer curbside services. Masks are required.

North Shore Farms

North Shore Farms offers the look and feel of a grocery store, a farmer market, and a specialty shop all in one location. Shoppers can find prepared foods, staples, and specialty items. They are located in nearby Glen Cove.

Young’s Farm

The Young’s family farm has been operating since 1892, offering a wide assortment of fresh and prepared foods. They are located on Hedgemans Ln. in Glen Head.

Heirloom Tavern

The Heirloom Tavern is a homey pub on Railroad Ave in Glen Head offering bar plates to steaks and full course meals. During the current health crisis, they offer dine-in, curbside, and delivery services. Masks are required.

Holocaust Memorial & Tolerance Center of Nassau County

The Holocaust Memorial & Tolerance Center showcases the history of the Holocaust and the lessons learned through education and reaching out to the community. There are self-guided tours that need arranging in advance to maintain social distancing following current health guidelines. There are also docent-led tours in the children’s Memorial Garden.

Mold Removal, Inspections, and Remediation by SERVPRO in Glen Head

Containing mold infestations can be challenging, especially if HVAC systems are involved or if the mold infestation has become widespread. Mold needs warm temperatures, high humidity, and a food source. Mold infestations are often in unused rooms or areas ordinarily inaccessible where there is moisture from a leak in a pipe, condensation, or a leak in the foundation.

SERVPRO can assist with Mold inspections, remediation, and mold removal in commercial buildings in Glen Head. Our trained mold removal specialists can assess the situation to prepare recommendations on how best to proceed. If containment is required, our team can

  • Install containment barriers using plastic sheeting
  • SEAL HVAC vents
  • Establish clean rooms and decontamination rooms

Once contained, mold removal can proceed, removing porous materials, cleaning, and disinfecting as needed.

Call SERVPRO of Glen Cove / Jericho for mold removal services in Glen Head and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (516) 671-1919.