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water pooling on aisle between exercise equipment

Jericho Commercial Water Damage

Fast action taken by SERVPRO to prevent extensive damage to the expensive equipment in this Jericho fitness center can save the proprietor a lot of money and unhappy customers. Emergency services for water, fire, and flooding incidents are a forte of our business--We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

water stained ceiling, hanging chandelier, exposed roof beam, and batten insulation

Glen Head Storm Damaged Roof and Ceiling

Severe storms that pour rainwater through a punched hole in a roof of a Glen Cove home is depicted in the Photo. SERVPRO employees can safely do a controlled demolition to remove the water-damaged ceiling materials and any soaked insulation.

smoke damaged furniture

Fire and Smoke Damage In Jericho

Our fire damage technicians can handle any size emergency that can happen in your Jericho home. Our professionals have the equipment and fire damage experience to make it “Like it never even happened.” SERVPRO of Glen Cove / Jericho is ready to respond 24/7.

ceiling fallen in tiles from storm, bent metal channels

Oyster Bay Facility and a Water Mishap

Plumbing running above the drop ceiling soaked the acoustical tiles. They absorbed the water like a sponge, gained weight, and even bent the supporting steel channels. SERVPRO can arrive quickly to this Oyster Bay structure and dispose of the hazardous, hanging materials and then clean up the area and set up drying equipment. In a few days, it can be "Like it never even happened."

equipment drying water damaged wood flooring

Flood Damage In Oyster Bay

A flood can be very destructive to your Oyster Bay home. Our specialists have training in odor control, water damage restoration, upholstery & fabric cleaning, and applied structural drying. When a flood causes damage to your property, you can count on our crew at SERVPRO of Glen Cove / Jericho to make it “Like it never even happened.”

smoke damaged cabinets in a kitchen after a fire

Smoke Damage In Jericho

Our fire damage experts can save your home in Jericho. We will respond quickly and begin the restoration process. Our experts will work quickly to restore your home. SERVPRO of Glen Cove / Jericho has the expertise and equipment to make it “Like it never even happened.”

room with water damage on concrete floor and drywall removed from bottom 2 feet.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration In Oyster Bay

Water will destroy your Oyster Bay commercial property within minutes. Our crew of water damage professionals can assist you with any size disaster. SERVPRO of Glen Cove / Jericho has the experience, advanced training, and state-of-the-art equipment to restore your property to pre-damage condition. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Flood Demolition and Drying in Oyster Bay

Black Water from flooding is contaminated and requires removal using safety equipment and the right air movers and dehumidifiers. The flood cut at the base and the removal of the carpet and padding expedite the process and is carefully monitored during the service.

Fire Damage Restoration In Glen Head

After a fire has damaged your Glen Head home, call our professionals. We're standing by 24/7 and Faster to Any Size Disaster. At SERVPRO of Glen Cove / Jericho, we have the expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, and training to restore your home to pre-damage condition.

Glen Cove Flood Damage to a Warehouse

Muddy groundwater required fast extraction to mitigate damage to this Glen Cove warehouse. SERVPRO works to not only protect the stocked inventory, but also the fixtures and shelving needed daily. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Storm Damage In Jericho

Storms can spell big trouble for your home in Jericho. When a disaster happens, you can count on our storm damage experts to be ready to respond 24/7! Our experts have training in water damage restoration, upholstery & fabric cleaning, applied microbial remediation, applied structural drying, and odor control. SERVPRO of Glen Cove / Jericho has the equipment and training to restore your home to pre-damage condition.

Oyster Bay Restroom Water Damage

This water drip in an Oyster Bay retail store resulted in damage to the ceiling. Our SERVPRO team can arrive quickly, stop the leak, and remove a small section of the ceiling. We can salvage the tiled walls and soon restore this facility for use.

Commercial Water Damage Repair In Glen Cove

Our crew can restore your Glen Cove property after a water damage disaster. We are locally owned and operated, ready 24/7, and Faster to Any Size Disaster. SERVPRO of Glen Cove / Jericho has the expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, advanced training, and certified personnel to restore your property to pre-damage condition.

Glen Head Storm Loss

When a small amount of contaminated groundwater flooded this Glen Head home, the carpet was removed, but SERVPRO technicians can do a short "flood cut" to limit the demolition of the walls. Our air movers and drying out the exposed wall cavities.

Water Loss in a Jericho Home

After a significant amount of water soaked into and ruined sheetrock walls and ceilings, a neat and precise controlled demolition can reduce the restoration time along with the costs. SERVPRO responds fast to a Jericho homeowner's call for help. To mitigate the damages, we can tear out the non-salvageable components, and have our Evolution LGR dehumidifier capture the remaining water vapor with the help of the air movers. Once the drying goals have been achieved, we can begin the reconstruction of this property. Rely on the skilled technicians from SERVPRO to make you feel "Like it never even happened."

Flood Cut in Glen Head

Contaminated groundwater that soaks into wallboard in a Glen Head home renders the material non-salvageable. SERVPRO technicians cut to remove the wet and water damaged drywall along with the carpet and padding. This expedites the drying time, allows for access to spray an antimicrobial product, and gets dirty elements out of the house.

Containment set up and ready to go in Brookville, NY

Preparing the job site for mold remediation is probably the most important part of the job. proper containment helps ensure that your are contaminating other portions of the home during the remediation process. SERVPRO of Glen Cove / Jericho has this job site set up and ready to go!

Water Damage in Glen Cove, NY

Heavy rains filled up the basement water wells in this Glen Cove home. SERVPRO on Glen Cove was called in and when we arrived we observed the insured trying to clean up as much water as possible. It turned out to be more work then the insured could handle and we took over from that point. All laminate floors were removed, affected drywall and contents were removed and then the dry out process started. The basement was ready to be rebuild within 5 days of starting the mitigation work.

LGR Dehumidification in process

Placing the right equipment in place and making sure it is running properly is what we do. The LGR Evolution did the trick with a few air movers to get this basement dry and ready to be used again after a small water damage

Water damage from a hot water heater in Bethpage, NY

Water heater let go and flooded out this 800SF basement in Bethpage, NY. We were able to clean up the area, dry out all the structural components and get the customer back in their basement in only 3 days with all in place drying.

Smoke damage in ceiling

Smoke damage in the ceiling of this Condo from a small fire in the Condo next to it. There was no visible damage when we arrived but after doing some research we found the smoke damage and odor in the ceiling and proceeded with the clean up

Electrical Fire in BAYSHORE, NY

Severe fire and smoke damage to this townhome in Bayshore, NY. SERVPRO of Glen Cove / Jericho was on the seen to get the clean up started.

The work was stalled slightly as the town fire inspector was still completing their inspection, however we were able to get started with the level below.

Protecting our customers contents

SERVPRO of Glen Cove / Jericho taking extra steps to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied with our services in Jericho, NY

Containment set up to divide the affected area from the unaffected are and then we decided to even wrap the contents with some more six mil vinyl to make sure we did not allow the dust from the demo affect any our customers contents.

Water Damage in Jericho, NY

SERVPRO of Glen Cove / Jericho taking care of this water damage in lower level of this home caused by a hot water heater expansion tank which let go and flooded out the entire basement, most of which was finished.

Oil Spill in Glen Cove, NY

SERVPRO of Glen Cove / Jericho was called on this heating OIL clean up. It was a messy job, but within 2 weeks, it was "Like it never even happened."

Our customer was blow away with how fast we were able to get started and get them back in their basement.

Sewer back up in Seaford, NY

SERVPRO of Glen Cove / Jericho taking care of this Category 3 SEWAGE / BIOHAZARD loss in Seaford, NY.

Category three water contains very high levels of bacteria and needs to be mitigated following proper procedures.  

Water Damage in Oyster Bay Cove, NY

SERVPRO of Glen Cove / Jericho was called in to handle a water damage caused by a broken sprinkler pipe line.

The floating vinyl plank flooring was able to be lifted in order to get air movement underneath and we were able to save the floor.

Water Damage in East Norwich, NY

Broken pipe in the main level of the home flooded out the entire lower level of this home. SERVPRO of Glen Cove / Jericho was on site to begin the mitigation process within an hour and 30 minutes of being notified by the customer.

Water Damage in Bethpage, NY

Water supply line in the bathroom above broke and caused damage to the finished basement of the home. SERVPRO of glen Cove / Jericho was on the seen within the hour to start the mitigation process!

Kitchen FIre in Brookville, NY

SERVPRO of Glen Cove / Jericho handling this fire loss in Brookville, NY

A plastic bowl which was sitting on top of the stove while the oven was in use and caught fire and spread throughout the kitchen area. Fortunately for the homeowner, there was a fire extinguisher handy and they were able to contain the fore to the kitchen area.