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There is Flood Damage in My Glen Cove Retail Store, What Should I Do?

5/4/2020 (Permalink)

Flooded Floor From Water Leak Do not let flood damage affect your revenue.

Call SERVPRO to Deal With the Commercial Flood Damage in Your Glen Cove Store

Flood damage in a retail store can be devastating. Apart from ruining your stock, every day, your retail store remains closed because of the flooding can affect your finances. Fortunately, you can call SERVPRO to help you clean up and restore it.

Why Choose SERVPRO instead of another restoration company
To stop business losses and loss of equipment like computers and cash registers, our team can restore your store with minimal disruption as fast as possible. We have all the equipment required to handle commercial flood damage in your Glen Cove store. We can assess the problem and determine the correct restoration procedures to use for the affected area. Our flood restoration services can also help you preserve the structural integrity of your building. Our services include:

    •    Project management
    •    Water extraction
    •    Dehumidification
    •    Drying
    •    Deodorizing

Our response team is always available, including during holidays or late at night. Since we understand the impact that flooding can cause in a retail business, we offer a timely response to emergency calls.

What are the vital steps you take to restore business premises?
Water removal is an essential step we take when restoring a property. We work fast to prevent expensive repairs. Some of the equipment we can use to remove water include:

    •    Electric submersible pumps
    •    Wet/dry vacuums
    •    Self-priming trash pumps
    •    High-pressure pumps

We choose the right extraction tools based on how much water is in a property and if it is mixed with solids. For instance, a self-priming trash pump is useful when removing water with solids from a property.

How can you dry my store effectively?
Moisture in the air and on surfaces can affect the health of your employees and customers. We can use structural cavity drying equipment to remove the moisture in your retail store. The equipment allows our technicians to direct airflow into wall cavities and hard to reach areas to replace the moist air with dry, warm air. This increases the temperature on the surfaces leading to a high rate of evaporation. Before we leave a business facility, we ensure that the client is satisfied.

Do not let flood damage affect your revenue. SERVPRO of Glen Cove / Jericho can handle the destruction to make it “Like it never even happened.” Talk to us today at (516) 671-1919.

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We Get You Back In Business In Glen Cove After A Water Damage Disaster

3/1/2020 (Permalink)

Water damage on the floor of this property We have the state of the art drying equipment to restore your property right away to prevent further damage. Call us right away, we are here 24/7.

Commercial Water Damage Glen Cove – Plumbing Break

A commercial client stands to lose more than just the damage caused by a water leak when a water line breaks. Their business has to close until the water is removed, everything is dried, and repairs are made. The business may have to lay off employees, and customers cannot visit the site until everything vis returned to normal. A fast response by water removal specialists and construction repair contractors can reduce the loss significantly.

That's why SERVPRO provides commercial water damage services in Glen Cove and surrounding areas. We know how important it is to get to the job site and begin recovery to limit the time your business is offline. We are available on a 24 /7 day a week basis and usually can be onsite in less than 4 hours. A water line joint that blows out inside a wall can deliver hundreds of gallons of water in a few.

What Moisture Mitigation Work Needs to be Completed

One of the first steps SERVPRO takes when the team arrives onsite is to assess the situation, remove the source of the water damage, and there are no electrical or other hazards that might be dangerous to employees and our team members. If the water leak is inside a wall, which many are, we can remove the drywall to expose the water pipe for repairs.

Water can spread quickly, and in many cases, water seeps behind baseboards, into walls, under carpeting, and into the underpad. If we do not remove all sources of moisture, our experience tells us that these areas can be a future source of microbial growth and odors. If the carpet begins to delaminate (the backing separates from the carpet fibers), the carpet must be replaced.

We may need to remove baseboards and make a one-foot flood cut in the drywall, especially near the water leak, to gain access to water and moisture inside the walls. We remove all of the moisture using directed air movers to evaporate the moisture and dehumidifiers to remove the humidity. Once the commercial space is dry, contractors can begin work to replace the drywall, baseboards, and install new carpeting and underpad.

Call SERVPRO of Glen Cove / Jericho at (516) 671-1919 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve East Norwich, Oyster Bay, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Commercial Mold Damage Restoration In Glen Cove

1/13/2020 (Permalink)

mold damage growing on wall We can help you restore your company's building to the way it was before, “Like it never even happened.”

Commercial Mold Damage Restoration In Glen Cove Can Require Sodablasting Procedures

If moisture ever stays inside your Glen Cove breakfast diner for too long, fungi can develop on any of your building materials or contents that contain organic materials. If organic substances such as paper or wood stay wet for longer than 48 hours, commercial mold damage could occur inside your place of business. A fungus only needs excessive moisture, an organic food source, the right temperatures, and time to form and grow.

Anytime moisture gets left in an area inside your diner, spores that are naturally present could activate and cause your building to become contaminated. During commercial mold damage projects in Glen Cove, our SERVPRO technicians can utilize a variety of specialized techniques and equipment to remove all contamination. Once a fungus forms, it starts growing in all directions, and it starts to release reproductive spores into the air. The spores can then float around the interior of your breakfast diner and contaminate areas that were previously unaffected by moisture or mold.

Once fungi have developed and are visible, the first step our SERVPRO team takes is to contain the affected room or rooms so that spores cannot spread across your structure. Then, we remove the fungal contamination from any of the affected surfaces inside your business's building. Next, we can use chemicals to help eliminate spores so that mold cannot form anywhere else.

In some situations, the fungus could have grown deep into an item, and scrubbing and scraping methods do not prove to be effective. In these more severe cases, we can implement soda blasting techniques. Soda blasting removes contamination by spraying the affected region with pressurized baking soda. The process is somewhat abrasive, but it can be proven to be more gentle than sanding or other more abrasive removal methods. The baking soda also has properties that help neutralize any foul odors present within the contaminated items.

When running a diner, we know that cleanliness is one of the keys to being successful. For professional assistance with restoration services at your place of business, call SERVPRO of Glen Cove / Jericho at (516) 671-1919 24/7. We can help you restore your company's building to the way it was before, “Like it never even happened.”

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We Get You Back In Business After A Fire In Glen Cove

11/18/2019 (Permalink)

A wall in this property burned by a fire At SERVPRO we have the expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, and training to restore your home to pre-damage condition.

Commercial Fire Damage in Glen Cove? We Are Here to Serve You 24/7/365

“Ring. Ring.” Answered sleepily, “Hello?” “Yes sir, this is the fire department can you hear me?” Long pause. “Uh-hm.” Then, “I’m with the City of Glen Cove Volunteer Fire Department. We were given your phone number as the emergency contact. Our crew just responded to a fire at your place of business.”

When the phone rings in the middle of the night with bad news from a caller, you can only hope it is the wrong number. Unfortunately, if you are the contact person and the address of the Glen Cove fire damage matches your business location, it may be a long night.

Hurrying out the door, your family reminds you about the photos of the space and inventory saved on your external drive. That’s good and all, but as you drive to the office at 3 a.m., you are wondering if the fire engulfed the whole building. Is your inventory gone? If forced to close for cleanup and restoration, how much will it affect the lives of your employees and customers? What will it cost? You do not have to handle all of this alone. SERVPRO answers the phone 24/7/365. We are here for you.

When you call, we immediately take all your information. Within hours of a fire, we can communicate with your insurance company to provide detailed information about the damage and losses at your business. We respond quickly. And be assured, we discuss your primary concerns with you within the first few minutes on the job site.

If you have fire damage to your commercial property, SERVPRO knows it is never a convenient or easy thing to handle. Whether your emergency occurs in a restaurant, retail store, or office building, our team has the tools and technicians to mitigate the damage and manage the project through to its completion. You can be confident in us because we have experience with fire recovery dating back to 1986. We have helped thousands of customers get their business back on track after fires ranging from large commercial spaces to high-rise apartment buildings of New York City.

SERVPRO of Glen Cove / Jericho works closely with your insurance to manage the paperwork and complete the cleanup and restoration process to your satisfaction. We have successes with properties throughout Brookville and Oyster Bay. Call us at (516) 671-1919 when you need us because We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Commercial Flood Damage can Ruin Structure and Merchandise in a Glen Head Bookstore

10/14/2019 (Permalink)

A stack of books with an open book at the top of the stack. We can help you save the pages in your Glen Head flood damage.

SERVPRO can help with even the most particular items such as books in your Glen Head flood damage.

In spite of the Internet, many people in Glen Head still love to find and read a good book. Often, finding a classic in print helps share a beloved story with a child, which often reduces reading problems in school. Both new and used bookstores carry thousands of items in their inventories, along with other items.

Bookstore owners in Glen Head fighting commercial flood damage after a storm often need professional restoration experts to obtain the best possible outcome. Water of any kind and from any source is a book's worst enemy. Swollen bindings and warped covers give a good indication of the pages' condition – wavy and curled, discolored, and in some cases, tinted from the dyes in a cloth or leather cover.

Just as without books, there is no bookstore, the structure needs restoring to preloss condition, also. Our building services department carries out many tasks needed during the restoration of a business. Boarding up windows to protect inventory and furnishings from looters and tarps over the roof can keep openings from letting in pests and precipitation. They also help with restoring books and other documents, as well as fine art. SERVPRO can handle almost any type of flood damage that happens to your business.

Our goal is to shorten the time required for mitigation, restoration, and remediation and get your business back to operational status. Lyophilization is a method that involves freezing books and other paper-containing materials to dry them with little damage. 

Because lyophilization must begin without delay, we highly recommend that bookstore owners create a READY Profile with SERVPRO. A Profile saves time by allowing us to access information about your business during a crisis.

Extracting silt and water involves both pumps and buckets. SERVPRO works in teams keeping efficiency high, so the work gets completed as quickly as possible. Elevating bare shelves and bookcases helps them dry fast because air currents can travel around them evenly. Wiping condensation off rarely needs to happen because our desiccant machines strip the air of water vapor. 

We also provide odor control measures that eliminate odors caused by microorganisms, soils, and other debris. We use hydroxyl generators to kill airborne microbes and to eliminate any odor-causing particles. We can run these generators even when the bookstore is occupied, unlike ozone generators. It also causes no changes or bleeding of colors in fabrics.

SERVPRO of Glen Cove / Jericho understands how unexpected store closings can harm your bookstore in Oyster Bay. We also serve Upper Brookville and East Norwich when flood damage and other weather events threaten your company. Call (516) 671-1919, day or night, 365 days a year, because We're Faster To Any Size Disaster and always arrive fully prepared. We can also give you more information about the READY Profile and help you complete yours if needed.

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If Your Glen Cove Department Store Suffers Flood Damage, We Can Help!

8/12/2019 (Permalink)

Contact us any time at (516) 671-1919 for immediate help.

Get Efficient Commercial Flood Damage Cleanup For Your Glen Cove Department Store

Department stores have a significant stronghold in American consumerism and are the anchor stores of shopping complexes and malls. They provide consumers with a variety of services and products in a one-stop shopping format. Flash flooding can cause water to enter your department store, and it can lead to significant financial losses if consumer goods such as furniture, clothing, home appliances, housewares, toys, hardware, and cosmetics, among others get ruined.

The floodwater can also ruin the floors, walls, and other structures. If there is commercial flood damage in your Glen Cove department store, you need experienced restoration specialists to return the establishment to its previous condition safely and quickly. SERVPRO is a trusted leader in flood damage restoration. We take immediate action to minimize any negative impact on a commercial property and the health of the people who work in it. We provide efficient flood cleanup services intending to make the destruction seem “Like it never even happened.” The steps we take to restore a commercial property include:

    •    Assessing the damage
    •    Our technicians walk through the premises with the business owner to inspect the damaged areas and prepare a scope of work for approval.
    •    Writing a detailed flood remediation estimate.
    •    After getting an approved scope of work, we write an estimate for the flood damage cleanup.

Water extraction
If you approve the estimate, our experts can proceed with the water extraction process and removal of damp contents for disposal or salvaging. Our Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRT) use portable or truck-mounted pumps to remove standing water. Floodwater can enter the basement of your department store quickly, and it could contain mud and other debris. We can remove the items in the basement that have not sustained damage, take them to the upper floors and then remove the sludge and floodwater.

Standing floodwater and flooded damp materials are a breeding ground for microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, and mold. These microorganisms can cause health problems to the people working in the department store long after the flooding incident. We use EPA-registered disinfectants to prevent microbial growth.

Drying of the flooded space
Our technicians set up a combination of air movers and dehumidifiers in the building to ensure that the entire structure dries appropriately. The machines must run continuously for several days. Our crew monitors and documents the drying conditions of a building regularly. We write readings for temperature, relative humidity, and moisture content and evaluate them to see if drying goals are being reached.

Removing odors
Floodwater can bring unpleasant odors into your department store, and they can affect the shopping experience of your customers. At SERVPRO, we use different strategies to deal with flood odors, including the use of pairing agents and odor removal equipment such as air scrubbers and hydroxyl generators.

With many years of experience in flood damage restoration, the team at SERVPRO of Glen Cove / Jericho possesses the capacity and knowledge to complete challenging projects. Contact us any time at (516) 671-1919 for immediate help.

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Flood Damage Can Be Fixed in Your Glen Cove Business

6/15/2019 (Permalink)

Don't let your Glen Cove school get taken over by flood damage. Call the professionals at SERVPRO today.

Flooding Threats to Glen Cove School Properties

Natural flooding scenarios can present substantial risks and hazards to many commercial and residential properties throughout Glen Cove. Even with precautionary measures, large structures like schools in the area remain susceptible to penetrating flood water and its damaging effects on the property. Addressing these concerns quickly can help to reduce the amount of time that students and faculty needed to stay away, but in most cases, widespread flooding requires the facility to shut down for a short time to allow proper cleaning and restoration to occur.

In these circumstances, it is vital to trust in the experience and advanced equipment of our SERVPRO professionals to handle the flood damages to your Glen Cove school. With years of experience in storm recovery and water restoration, we have the experience and the training to overcome all of the obstacles to fully recovering the building. A team that can offer a comprehensive approach to recovery and restoration, we have your school covered from the inspection and mitigation through reconstruction and cleaning.

Our team of general contractors rolls out with our disaster relief team to offer fast and effective temporary construction solutions to prevent water penetration in damaged areas like brickwork, the seal of the roof, or other areas that could become vulnerable. With board up and tarping services, we can prevent further floodwater coming inside while our professionals work to remove these effects through our mitigation approaches.

We know how important it is to get your facility back up and running quickly, so we work tirelessly to overcome the hurdles making it unsafe for education to continue. Our SERVPRO professionals have extensive training in every facet of the restoration industry, including water restoration and applied structural drying. We can make these flood effects “Like it never even happened.”

Storm damages can compromise the structural integrity of your building, but our SERVPRO of Glen Cove / Jericho team can help. We have effective mitigation and drying solutions that can begin as soon as our team arrives at the flood-damaged school. Give us a call anytime disaster strikes at (516) 671-1919.

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SERVPRO Provides the Emergency READY Profile Plan to Keep Glen Cove Businesses in Business

5/2/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Can Help Protect Your Glen Cove Business with Our Emergency READY Profile Plan (ERP)--A Mobile App with a Purpose!

Businesses Need a Partner When Water Damage Strikes in Glen Cove

It is a rare commercial endeavor that can survive more than a brief closure because of a water disaster in Glen Cove. Whether you provide fine dining, groceries, overnight accommodations, office space, or any of a host of other goods or services for residents or visitors to the North Shore of Long Island, the devastation from a water loss can lead to a closure of your business. Our team can help avoid this extreme outcome.

Commercial water damage in Glen Cove can trace its cause to plumbing failures, appliance malfunctions, or external factors like storms or sewer backups. Regardless of how the damage occurs, business owners must seek professional assistance to remediate the consequences wholly and rapidly. We offer to work with you even before a crisis happens.

SERVPRO’s Emergency READY Profile (ERP) permits our experts to collaborate with you and your management team to prepare for a water disaster before it even happens. We send an experienced project manager to tour your business, sketching out a blueprint of your physical plant and gaining invaluable information about your operations. We evaluate your commercial space, looking for strengths and vulnerabilities in the event of a water or other disaster.

Expect us to offer practical suggestions on how to protect documents, records, inventory, equipment, and more for the ravages of flooding or other water damage. SERVPRO can help you revisit storage strategies, systems, and other vital parts of your business to minimize the harm water damage can do. We also brainstorm with you after you provide us with data from the use of our mobile app.

Our app guides you to share with SERVPRO crucial information that helps us devise a digital plan to reverse the effects of a water disaster fast. Let us know contact information about the vendors and contractors who helped build your business so we can reach out to them to return systems and equipment to optimum operations during restoration. Designate trusted employees or other individuals to act on your behalf if you are unavailable to make decisions during a crisis.

SERVPRO of Glen Cove / Jericho is eager to work with you to minimize disruption to your business in the event of water damage. Call (516) 671-1919 now to schedule a walkthrough by our trusted management to begin work on your ERP.

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