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Mold Remediation Testimonials

Thank you SERVPRO for taking the time out of your schedule to assist me in putting my family at ease. We were not sure if we had mold in our basement and wanted to have it checked. SERVPRO complete a no charge visual inspection in which they didn't see anything they could identify as mold, They then proceeded to put us in touch with a mold inspector which we ended up working with to the result of there being no mold in our basement.

We were in process of buying a home and were slightly concerned about the odor in the basement in the home we were interested in. A friend of mine suggested we called SERVPRO to take a look a the home and get their professional perspective on the situation. Bill, the Owner of SERVPRO of Glen Cove / Jericho was an excellent resource and was very easy to work with. he was able to work around my schedule and the real estate agents schedule and meet us at the home we were interested in. He gave us his professional opinion on the situation and told us the correct steps that we should take including have the area tested by an environmental hygienist would be the only way to determine the level of mold in the home. Taking his advise we moved forward with getting a mold assessment and it turned out the home was mold infested and mold remediation and repair work would cost in excess of $50,000. We were able to walk away from the deal and continue our search. The level of professionalism and knowledge displayed by Bill was amazing and we cant thank SERVPRO enough for the assistance in this situation.