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SERVPRO is Proud to Provide Flood Damage Service to Glen Head

12/15/2020 (Permalink)

Outside view of "Summer White House" SERVPRO takes care of every home as if was our own.

Glenn Head Residents Know They Can Count on Us to Mitigate Damage from Flooding

Located in the Town of Oyster Bay, Glen Head is a quaint little hamlet with just over 4,500. Bus and railroad lines connect the hamlet to New York City.

Town of Oyster Bay

Oyster Bay is part of the metropolitan area of New York. It is made up of 18 villages and 18 hamlets, with one of the hamlets being named Oyster Bay. Six of these locations are along the shoreline of Oyster Bay Harbor. 

Indigenous People Called the Area Home for Thousands of Years

Although different indigenous peoples had populated the area for thousands of years, when the Europeans arrived in the area, the Lenape nation was dwelling in western Long Island. The local band was known as Matinecook.

The Dutch Come to Colonize 

With the European colonization came the Dutch and the colony of New Netherland. The Dutch West India Company purchased its first piece of land in 1639 from the Indians. The English laid claim to what is Suffolk County today, and the Dutch did not dispute that. But in 1640, New England settlers moved into the area, resulting in a land dispute with the New Englanders being arrested. The town of Hempstead was purchased from the Native Americans in 1634 by Englishmen. Included in that transaction was land the Dutch had purchased in 1639, but they graciously granted them Hempstead. Other settlements given to the English were:

  • Flushing
  • Newtown
  • Jamaica

The Treaty of Hartford

This treaty determined a boundary between the English and the Dutch claims. To the Dutch in "Oysterbay," this means what is now Cold Spring Harbor, and to the English, it meant the water area connected to Oyster Bay (today). 

Cromwell & English Settlers

Smugglers were a problem when Cromwell was in control in England, and government control was lax. The Matinecook tribe sold some land to the English settlers in 1653. They paid for the land with:

  • 6 kettles
  • 6 fathoms of wampum
  • 6 hoes
  • 6 hatchets
  • 3 pairs of stockings
  • 30 awl blades or muxes
  • 20 knives
  • 3 shirts
  • Peague to equal 4 pounds sterling

In 1660 England regained the Monarchy, and in 1164 Long Island and other land were given to James, the brother of King Charles, meaning the Dutch had to give up control of New Amsterdam.

A Settlement Becomes a Township

The settlement of Oyster Bay received its charter in 1667 from the New York colony. It then became the Township of Oyster Bay. The Indians sold the last piece of land in 1687 and were almost non-existent by 1709.

War Comes to Oyster Bay

When the American Revolution took place, the British controlled Oyster Bay. Glen Cove was incorporated in 1918, and after World War II, farmland was replaced by homes and businesses. 

Home of Historical Landmarks

The Town of Oyster bay has 40 landmarks scattered throughout the town. They include places such as: 

  • Schenck-Mann House
  • Old Grace Church
  • Richard Davis Store
  • Snouder's Drug Store
  • Moore's Building
  • The Printery
  • Old Methodist Graveyard
  • Oyster Bay Long Island Rail Road Turntable
  • Ketchum/Underhill Farm House & Barn

It also boasts one of the world's oldest yacht clubs, Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club. It got its start in 1871.

Sagamore Hill

President Theodore Roosevelt lived in Sagamore Hill, near Oyster Bay, from 1885 until 1919, when he passed away. It is the Sagamore Hill National Historic Site. The Theodore Roosevelt Museum is part of the site today. Roosevelt was from New York City and spent boyhood summers around Oyster Bay. When he was 22 years old, in 1880, he bought 155 acres of land on Cove Neck. Roosevelt had a beautiful Queen Ann style home built on the property in 1884. It was a magnificent 22 room home, named Leeholm after his wife. When Alice Hathaway Lee Roosevelt died in 1884, Roosevelt would go on to remarry. He then renamed the estate Sagamore Hill. 

The Estate is Expanded

The largest room in the house, the North Room, was added in 1905. It holds all of the president's trophies from his hunts, gifts from foreign dignitaries, and books and artwork from their collection. One of the rooms has a water closet with a porcelain tub, which would have been a novelty at that time.

Summer White House

Theodore and Edith Roosevelt would make Sagamore Hill their primary residence. They had five children, and three were born there. During the seven summers he was president, he spent the summers there, and it became known as the Summer White House. Many dignitaries visited the estate. It was the location for the peace talks that helped to end the Russo-Japanese War. On January 6, 1919, Roosevelt died in the home he loved. The public can tour the residence today, which has most of the original furnishings. Constructed in 1938, the "Old Orchard" is the museum that chronicles his life. Brigadier General Theodore Roosevelt Jr and his family lived there for many years. It is a beautiful place to visit.

SERVPRO Provides Flood Damage Service to Glen Head Residences

Floods can happen anywhere, but coastal towns are especially prone to storm flooding. Sea level rise has increased the occurrence and intensity of storms causing damage to homes and businesses. SERVPRO of Glen Cove / Jericho has been mitigating flood damage to the Glen Head area for years. Our professional technicians understand the impact flooding can have on homes and families. Upon arrival we:

  • Provide emergency mitigation 
  • Scope the site and put together a plan of action
  • Extract water using trash pumps that can handle debris
  • Remove contaminated material 
  • Sanitize surfaces impacted by the floodwater
  • Dry the building
  • Clean the home and the content
  • Repair and restore the residence

We know that being displaced during a disaster and trying to clean up your home can be stressful. That is where we come in. We take care of the cleaning up while you take care of your family. If you need flood damage services, contact SERVPRO of Glen Cove / Jericho at (516) 671-1919.

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